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mod journal 2 - electric boogaloo. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
mod journal 2 - electric boogaloo.

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Choose A Roommate. [Jul. 4th, 2006|06:08 pm]
mod journal 2 - electric boogaloo.
As the apartments in this building are mostly multi-person, and our characters are all on limited finances, it is highly recommended that everyone have roommates.

Keep in mind that some roommates are found with friends, while others are found with ads and so it’s not necessary for roommates to have any kind of real connection, they might even meet for the first time when they move in.

Please read through the comments - Your character may already have been requested as someone's roommate. Then comment yourself to let us know where you would like to be placed.

See the apartment layout and please try to fill the half empty apartments before taking new ones.

Room ArrangementsCollapse )
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Cast Character Histories - Part One [Jun. 18th, 2006|06:03 pm]
mod journal 2 - electric boogaloo.
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The following is an index of the cast character information. Part one.

A - KCollapse )

Part Two
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Cast Character Histories - Part Two [Jun. 18th, 2006|06:01 pm]
mod journal 2 - electric boogaloo.
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The following is an index of the cast character information. Part Two.

M - ZCollapse )

Part One
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(no subject) [Jun. 11th, 2006|09:05 am]
mod journal 2 - electric boogaloo.
Before applying, please be sure to read the rules, regulations and requirements, as well as the FAQ. Applications should all be posted in comments to this post.


Please post your applications in at least two sections.

First section:
(Please post as a new comment)

Personal Journal:
Other Instant Messenger:
Character Name:
Character Age:

Character History: (How did your character end up in Lysgar? Interpret their canon history for a realistic modern setting - be creative. We want to see that your character has depth and a believable background. What made them who they are?)

Second section:
(also to be posted as a new comment)

Writing Sample: (A third person account of a memorable event in your character's day. Feel free to include dialogue, but this sample should not be exclusively speech based. We want to get a sense of both your writing and their character.)

Journal Entry: (A first person example of an entry in your character's journal. Can be a first post, or something more established.)


All applications will be screened until accepted. Once accepted, only the section involving who you were accepted as will be unscreened, your personal contact information will remain hidden.

You may only apply once unless invited to apply again by the moderators. Please note that applications for second or third characters must now also be cleared with the mods before posting.
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No Air FAQ [Jun. 11th, 2006|08:50 am]
mod journal 2 - electric boogaloo.
Last Updated 06/22/2006

Note: These are not rules, those are located in the game profile.

Where is the game set?
311 Lysgar is set in a nondescript North American city. Your character will be of North American background unless you specify otherwise.

Should I use honorifics?
Unless your character is of Japanese origin, or has another very good reason, we do not expect you to address people with -san or any other honorific.

How does the game work?
Set up a character journal and get yourself a room assignment in Lysgar. Join and friend the community and all players. From this point on, your character will keep their very own livejournal, detailing day-to-day happenings, thoughts and feelings. You can also interact with others in the building by commenting in their journals, just like you would with your own friends list. We do not expect to see actions like *smiles* used in this way, you are interacting by computer only.

Logs - interactive scenes between two or more players - are posted in the main community, where you can either post to set a scene and let others join you, with action taking place in the comments, or they can be written via AIM and posted in their completed state.

A journal log.
An AIM log.

Read an established character's friends list and you will soon see how the game runs.

Who can I apply for? Dead characters?
You may apply for anyone, major or minor, dead or alive in Naruto and Bleach canon. Please note however, that some characters have particular restrictions due to already established characters including them in backgrounds. Examples I can think of include Kaien and the Kurosaki family from Bleach, and Itachi from Naruto. If in doubt, grab a mod or the player of whoever your character may have a history with.

Also note that if you are applying for a minor character we will expect more depth in the application than for a better known character - to make up for a lack of canon.

What type of character can I play / Is the game yaoi/yuri friendly?

We are open to characters of all types and sexual orientations. However we do try to keep a reasonably believable balance in the game. For example it would not be realistic for every character in the building to be a ballet dancer. As such we will be accepting less of currently oversubscribed character types -- this doesn't mean that you won't be accepted if your plans for a character fall into one of these categories, just that your reasons need to be well based and your application perhaps slightly more impressive than we would expect of someone applying for an undersubscribed group.

Character types currently oversubscribed in No_Air include:

Characters with medical backgrounds (if it's canon, that's fine),
Characters with dead parents / Major parental issues

We are looking for realistic, well written characters. Please bear in mind that a person does not have to have a traumatic history in order to be interesting.

How do I stay in character in an AU setting?
We understand that this can be difficult, particularly when a character's powers and abilities are a large part of who they are. There are often ways to translate these powers into more normal settings, for example healers becoming doctors. Alternately you can focus on personality and take what they do from their likes and dislikes - Orihime might be at cookery school, or making good use of her fantastic grades, or doing charity work. Think about what kind of person they are, and how they interact with others: Yachiru is an impossibly perky, optimistic child. Despite her rough upbringing, it's unlikely she would be a disillusioned junkie bitch in this reality.

Is there an age limit?
Not officially. A 15 year old with a mature writing style is as likely to get in as a 35 year old, but please be aware that this RP will deal with adult subject matter. Such posts are rated and we are going to assume you are not reading/writing them if you are underage.

So that means I can post smut?
Basically, yes. Scenes including graphic sexual or violent detail are allowed as this game is intended to reflect the sometimes unpleasant realities of living in a bad area of a big city. However we expect sexual content to be written only as part of character development, not smut for smut's sake.

Your character may be a giant slut for whom smut is part of his/her character development, but please bear in mind that a) we will not be accepting a great many of this type of character and b) this should still not be all they do.

Sometimes people do just fall into bed together, but try to give it a plot, please.

I don't know what to do!
Plot is each player's own responsibility. While the mods may contribute plot points from time to time, we expect you to be mature enough to come up with your own original storylines. The more active you are in this game, the more you will get out of it, so please comment to people and interact on a regular basis. There is an AIM contact list linked for players, say hello to people and they will usually be happy to plan something with you.

We also have a request post, a locked post in this journal where it is possible for shyer players to request people to help them with ideas.

How often do I need to post?

You should be making a journal update at least once every two weeks. HOWEVER, posting this rarely on a regular basis is not really being active. We expect to see players posting regularly, commenting to each other, and hopefully also writing logs and threads. Ideally an update every 3-5 days with comments on other people's journals in between is what you should be aiming for.

Note: If you have more than one character, we will be a little more lenient. If one character posts regularly, the other will be allowed to post less so. However, if both your characters are frequently hitting the two week mark, we will ask you to drop one. Don't take on more than you can cope with.

Can I post wacky LJ memes as if my character was taking them? ^^;;
Err. You can, but please keep anything like that to the OOC journal, along with crack and meta posts. Memes can clutter up people's friends lists like crazy so should only be replied to within the comments of the original post.

Also, these emoticons? ^^, *_*, o_O etc should be kept to a bare, bare minimum. Some characters might use them now and then, but in general we like to assume the occupants of Lysgar are capable of expressing feelings via words.

Okay, so I posted my application and made a journal, can I sign right up?
No, please wait for your application to be approved. You might want to reserve a certain journal name just in case, but don't tell us about it. If you apply to join the community before being accepted, we will not consider your application.

Wait, I still have questions!
Go ahead and ask them in the comments here and we will get back to you ASAP. Please do speak to a mod if you need any help, contrary to popular belief, we don't bite.
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