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Cast Character Histories - Part One - mod journal 2 - electric boogaloo. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
mod journal 2 - electric boogaloo.

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Cast Character Histories - Part One [Jun. 18th, 2006|06:03 pm]
mod journal 2 - electric boogaloo.
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The following is an index of the cast character information. Part one.

Name: Aizen Sousuke
Age: 28
LJ: justabookseller
History: According to many psychological professionals, a child growing up in a perfectly normal suburban neighborhood with perfectly normal parents will inevitably turn out to be a perfectly normal adult. In the battle of nature versus nurture, nurture will always win out. Aizen had the perfectly normal neighborhood. Located in the middle of suburban Philadelphia, the neighborhood was neither too destitute nor too affluent. It was located far enough away from the city to be quiet and peaceful, yet not far enough that it could be considered rural. It was the perfect place to raise a family; neat houses situated in yards large enough for children to play in with friends and dogs alike. Aizen also had the perfectly normal parents. His mother was a middle school teacher, granted with a considerable amount of love, patience, and tolerance. His father was a middle manager of an advertising firm; not too important as to grow arrogant, and not too busy to require putting his career before his family. His mother and father loved each other and their son, and created a harmonious and happy household. But there are an equal number of psychological professionals who say that nature will always trump nurture. And Sousuke Aizen was anything but perfectly normal.

Throughout primary and secondary school, Aizen played the part of a perfectly normal child; first as a little boy who laughed and smiled and made friends with everyone, and then as a handsome young man with a charming smile and a kind word for anyone he happened to meet. He was the perfect son. Studious and intelligent, Aizen was always at the top of his class. Not given to athletic pursuits, Aizen spent most of his free time reading and learning anything and everything he could. When he graduated from high school, he left with a 4.0 GPA and a bevy of friends. The friends he never spoke to again. The GPA he used to buy his way into a prestigious program at UCLA.

And there, like everywhere else, the image of the model student and the kind-hearted gentleman persisted. With a double major in business and political science, Aizen divided his time between studying and insinuating himself into the lives of the people around him. Most often, he could be found in the company of one person in particular, a student a year his junior named Ichimaru Gin. Graduation saw the two friends parting ways, Gin pursuing a career and Aizen continuing his way through a graduate program that accommodated his interest in business and politics. It suited his purpose rather nicely. The perfect means to the perfect end. Which, to Sousuke Aizen, was all everything and everyone ever was.


Name: Akimichi Chouji
Age: 20
LJ: butterflychef
History: Chouji comes from a rather large family—mother, father, brothers and sisters and cousins and uncles and aunts and so many people sometimes he forgets exactly who’s a cousin and who’s a sibling and was that his uncle or just some friend of the family? And while his family loved to get together and celebrate their family-ness, usually it was just Chouji, his parents, and his two younger sisters and brother.

Not poor, but not rich, either, Chouji’s family made enough to get by and “eat healthy,” as they called it (three meals a day, every day, with all the works and a few snacks in between to tide them over). Because of this, he was never and would never be thin and trim, with the ideal body, but he was fine with that until his elementary school years. Armed with a happy disposition and an open personality, Chouji was easily ridiculed for his size, and only made it through his younger years as easily as he did with the help of his best friend, Nara Shikamaru. Now at age twenty, he’s still open and friendly, and not ashamed of who he is.

Besides, the best cooks are the ones that enjoy their food, and he definitely enjoys everything about cooking.

He decided early on in his life that he wanted to be a master chef and make some of the best dishes ever. He earned a small scholarship for a nearby community college, and so after graduation decided to move out of the house to be nearer his school and get a feel for being on his own. He moved into 311 Lysgar with Shikamaru, and got hired at a nearby McDonalds to help pay rent and school. He keeps in regular touch with his family.


Name: Haruno Sakura
Age: 22
LJ: pink_caduceus
History: Sakura grew up in a fairly large city, far, far away. Showing signs of brightness from early on, her loving parents made sure she was in the accelerated pre-kindergarten, the gifted kindergarten, the smartypants elementary school, the elite middle school, and the if-you-don't-become-a-doctor-we'll-be-very-disappointed high school. She was the captain of her high school math team, vice-president of her class, president of the physics club, track team co-captain and finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search.

Sakura was smart and she knew it. She was relatively unpopular in both high school and college, flaunting her superior intellect to mask rising insecurities about all other aspects of her life. At twenty, she graduated from a top rated university, but she had never been kissed. In fact, she had never even been on a date. While her classmates were experiencing young love, the closest Sakura had come was her genetics textbook, which she slept with under her pillow before exams on the slim chance she would absorb extra material by osmosis. She often wondered what was wrong with her – after all, she was smart and fairly cute (except for her abnormally large forehead, which was a sore subject from her younger years) – but attempted to shove such thoughts to the side with the comforting, I'm going to be a doctor one day mentality.

Who needed a boyfriend when you could save lives?

After graduation, Sakura packed her things and wound up here to attend a medical school in the area. Her mother, a psychiatrist, and father, a psychologist, left her with explicit instructions -- don't come home without a degree -- and prescriptions for xanax, prozac and valium (just in case.) Her mother, ever a supporting figure in her life, told her that it would be nice if she came home with a husband, too. She moved into the dorms hoping to strengthen her communication skills (and make a couple of friends, maybe), but found that the majority of her classmates were nearly as neurotic as she was. It was extremely competitive and, by the time the first year ended, ridiculously exhausting. After one particularly bad anxiety attack that landed her in the hospital, she decided she needed a breath of fresh air.

That's when she saw a flyer for 311 Lysgar St.

Sakura knew that she would make a good doctor – technically. What she needed, however, was a chance to interact with people. (She'd given up on her classmates long ago.) So she packed her things (the xanax, prozac andvalium, too – just in case), and moved in.

It would be an interesting second year.


Name: Hisagi Shuuhei
Age: 26
LJ: street_s0ldier
History: Hisagi Shuuhei has never been a stranger to adversity. He was born and raised in a rough neighborhood, an area riddled with drug addicts, deadbeats and constant gang warfare. His mother was a drug addict and was largely absent throughout his childhood. She died of a heroin overdose when Shuuhei was 9. He never knew his father as his mother herself wasn’t certain which of her “friends” had sired him.

Since his mother was hardly around, Shuuhei learned to take care of himself at a very young age. And like most of the kids in the neighborhood, he joined up with a gang when he turned 14. He rose quickly through the ranks of one of the most powerful gangs in the area over the course of 4 years and was widely considered one of its most able fighters; he was at the forefront of every turf battle and he’s got the scars to prove it.

However, one night, life took an unexpected turn for the then 18-year-old Shuuhei. During a particularly intense fight with a rival gang, his two closest friends, Aoga and Kanisawa, were killed in front of his eyes. He himself took two bullets in his torso to go with multiple stab wounds, and took a broken glass bottle to his face, which left him with three vertical scars down the right side. The incident was the closest brush Shuuhei had ever had with death and it served as a wake-up call. Grief-stricken and fed up with his lifestyle of sex, drugs and violence, he boarded a bus and got the hell out of Dodge as soon as he recovered from his injuries.

He drifted around for a period of about 4 months before he came across a flier for a support program for former gang members. It was there that he met his mentor, Tousen Kaname, who was the director of the program. Tousen, though blind, recognized the potential in the young man and took him under his wing; it was through his steady and supportive influence that Shuuhei learned to temper his brash and abrasive personality. Furthermore, using his connections to the neighborhood, Tousen was also able to obtain schooling for Shuuhei, who—to his surprise—turned out to be something of a genius. He ended up passing his GED test with outstanding marks, which was enough to earn him a generous scholarship to the local university, where he began his studies in hopes of becoming a counselor.

For a while, he was employed in Tousen’s program, specifically working with troubled youths. He also worked at neighboring juvenile detention centers and was frequently asked to speak at schools. When Tousen decided to expand his program to a nearby city, Shuuhei readily agreed to move and assist with its establishment. And thus, he found Lysgar; the rent was cheap and the building was relatively livable. The location was favorable as well: the area around the building was just safe enough that he wouldn’t have to worry about being killed by a stray bullet in his sleep, but it was close enough to the rougher part of the city where he worked so that he could travel with relative ease. It also helped that it was within reasonable distance of the university he’d just transferred to.

Shuuhei has come a long way from the angry hellion he used to be. He has completely dedicated his life to the street kids the world seems to have forgotten, determined to show them that they DO have options and that they CAN have a future. In contrast to his rough and intimidating appearance (tattoos, scars, untamable hair, imposing height, etc), Shuuhei is actually quite self-contained and level-headed. A hard and loyal worker, he puts in many hours into the launching of the program while working to obtain his master’s degree at the same time.


Name: Hitsugaya Toushirou
Age: 16
LJ: melon_and_rime
History: The brilliant only child of a gentle yet overtaxed single mother, Hitsugaya Toushirou grew up among the dust and high shelves of their family bookstore. Between running the shop and tutoring foreign languages at the community college, Hitsygaya Kaoru was constantly busy, but she always tried to keep a ready smile and an hand open for her son to clutch onto. Thanks to this supportive atmosphere, Toushirou was reading by the age of three and proficient in Japanese, English, and Chinese by the time most of his peers were just learning their multiplication tables. Children his age (save for one cheerful, peachy girl three years his elder, though she slipped away from him once she entered high school) bored him at best and irritated him at worst, so he naturally sought the attention of his elders. Instructors exalted his genius and passed him along through grades as if they only wanted a brief snatch of his brilliance before they felt the need to pass him to another teacher.

Toushirou was finished with high school level work by the eighth grade, and, to the joy of his mother, he was given a full ride to attend the state university. He was ready for this both mentally and academically, but not so much physically: he was short and small even among his peers, and he soon wearied of other students asking him if he was lost and looking for a parent.

Just as he began work on his Bachelor’s degree in English literature, a dark cloud settled down over his idyllic life: his mother, the absolute rock and support of his world, was killed when she resisted the robbery of the family bookstore. Toushirou was present at the incident, though he has not and will not talk about the details with anyone, not even his new legal guardian, Matsumoto Rangiku.

That was one year ago. Now sixteen and an Research Assistant at the university, Hitsugaya Toushirou lives in a small, ratty apartment in the Lysgar street complex. He is fluent in Japanese, English, Chinese, and French, and is teaching himself German and Spanish on the side via films and cheesy foreign soap operas (he claims that after the fourth language, every new one comes easier. Besides, Rangiku demands ‘bonding time’, so the soaps play double-duty).

Personality-wise, Toushirou is humble only because being cocky takes more effort than it’s worth. He doesn’t like admitting to much of anything, be it the way he cares for Rangiku or his academic virtuosity. Therefore, if anyone catches Toushirou with his nose in a thick volume of Russian literature, he wasn’t reading it. It was just serving as a paperweight for the equally thick stack of assignments he wasn’t grading between taking chapter notes and character synopses. Obviously. Just like he hasn’t been camping out with his textbooks in the grimy bay window on the first floor in hopes of catching that bratty bed-wetter girl. Obviously.


Name: Honsho Chizuru
Age: 20
LJ: just_girls
History: As a young girl, growing up in a wealthy noveau riche family, people were always impressed with how well Honsho Chizuru got along with her peers. Of course, it was impossible not to notice that Chizuru got along better with the girls than the boys, but that was to be expected. After all, it was natural that a girl would feel more comfortable around other girls. It wasn’t until she reached puberty that anyone cottoned onto the idea that maybe the reason Chizuru got along better with girls than boys was because she was more attracted towards her own sex. Chizuru’s incredibly strong sense of self, not to mention her complete lack of shame in proclaiming how wonderful girls were to anyone who happened to be around at the time, only made things more trying for her horrified parents.

Any chance of this being a phase ended the day Chizuru first caught a glimpse of Inoue Orihime. Nothing would keep Chizuru from protecting Orihime with all the resources at her disposal, Chizuru vowed when she used a private detective to find out where Orihime went to school and what classes she took, before she transferred to her school. She was true to her word, constantly stalking watching over the oblivious auburn-haired girl. Chizuru had always been an exceptional student, but it was at her new school Chizuru discovered a natural talent for helping out backstage, especially in costume design and make-up. When graduation came, Chizuru made sure to get into a college with a fashion design major, and she helps out the theater there backstage, especially in the areas she is strongest in. Of course, it was close to where Orihime lived, and Chizuru moved in herself as soon as she could. Her parents were even more displeased than ever with her when she left home to live at 311 Lysgar, but were happy that she was out of their hair, and send a good amount of money to her each month to suppress any feelings of guilt they may have. Additionally, Chizuru supplements her income by working at the local tailor’s part time. She doesn’t need the money, but likes the experience and inspiration she gets by working there. Thus Chizuru spends her days with classes, sewing, generally helping out backstage, keeping a eye on Orihime, working at the tailors, and fending off guys who don’t take “Lose the dick and then we’ll talk” for an answer.


Name: Hyuuga Hinata
Age: 20
LJ: shy_bird
History: Hyuuga Hinata was never very confident, and always very shy. In a dysfunctional family where strength and confidence mattered over caring and idealism, she was outshone in every light by her younger sister. Reminded of it everyday in the way her father shunned her, and the way her relatives virtually ignored her. Caught somewhere between hated and ignored. Not that she hated her family in return, though--she cared for her sister, and tried to look out for her in whatever way she could. She sought her father’s approval more than anything, tried and failed and tried again. But for all of that, it still wasn’t good enough.

Her mother had found a way to escape the family through the bottom of the river a year after her second daughter was born, but Hinata wasn’t strong enough to find her own way out. But after years of emotional and physical abuse, belittled and slighted and threatened until she jumped at shadows and could barely speak, she knew if she didn’t find her own way out, there wouldn’t be anything left of her to leave.

She found her way out through her cousin, and school. Her relationship with him was strained at best, but he was the only person she had ever reached out to. And though she failed to live up to her family’s expectations, and her marks were nothing exceptional, she managed to make her way into college. Her chosen major of psychology started more as a way for her to analyse her own shortcomings and those of her family than anything else, but more and more she finds herself trying to help those around her in whatever small way she can.

She holds a small, low-paying job at a local grocery, and every last penny goes to apartment payments, college, and food.


Name: Hyuuga Neji
Age: 21
LJ: society_failed
History: Tradition didn't always mix with the present. One of the few born from a long line of scarily blueblood elders, Neji's destiny seemed preordained. Like most of the other Hyuuga woman, his mother died in childbirth. There was little to lament. In years past, Neji would have been guaranteed an expensive education, likely in law, medicine, or business (or anything else he wanted, so long as it reflected well on the Clan), and a position in the Clan hierarchy. After the birth of his Father and Uncle, however, the family seemed to have split over some matter or another. Whispers of murder, sex, scandal--somehow, his Uncle had managed to come out on top.

Neji's childhood was marked by his Uncle ensuring the rest of the family was forced into the shaming conformation of clan dynamics. At eight, his Uncle had beaten him into a pleasant submission and tattooed a livid green manji onto his forehead, an inescapable reminder of his position--to live and to serve the half of the Family who'd stepped away from the scandal unscathed. A reminder he should be grateful to be alive.

And...he couldn't quite blame the friends who'd turned one eye away, failed to return phone calls or borrowed money. Windows of opportunity had closed for him the day his Uncle had forced him to work in his own...employ. While never sexually abused, the emotional trauma and pressure to stay whole was enough to force him into creating an alternate persona of self (the caged bird) to cope. His Father, had not fared so well. The death certificate read suicide, but Neji was fairly certain his Father's Pride overshadowed his Shame.

Neji's Uncle could not, however, keep him from public education. After reaching the age of majority (and developing a strange, stilted relationship with his Uncle's terrified daughter), his academic achievement bought him a scholarship to a state University. Propelled by the sudden out, Neji essentially packed a large duffel bag and slipped out overnight.

Work study in the tutoring center and a few part time jobs (one at a dojo where he met Rock Lee, and another at a small bookseller's downtown) sustain him just enough for a ramshackle apartment--hopefully overlooked by his Uncle--and enough food to live off of. Just. By studying sociology, Neji hopes to dissect the flawed makeup of both his own (abandoned) Clan and the Greater society as a whole. He's not yet certain they're worth saving.


Name: Ichimaru Gin
Age: 27
LJ: end_of_hypnosis
History: Gin’s parents were one of those couples that were high school sweethearts, went to the same college, got married after graduation and then, after a couple years of living together, realized they hated each other. Gin was born to save their marriage but his birth turned out to be rather anti-climactic and, instead, he only provided a new category for arguments. Shortly after his fifth birthday, Mom found a pair of earrings in Dad’s car that she was sure didn’t belong to her. The divorce went over quickly and, conveniently, Mom was offered a better job with the same company in Maryland a month later. She abandoned the suburban town they’d lived in for five years, taking Gin with her.

This shuffling of location became a trend in Gin’s life seeing as his mother worked for a big time accounting firm and developed a habit of accepting every transfer to a new office, even if the new position was only a half-step up from her current one. From Maryland they went to Tampa, shifted over to Orlando, then moved to Cleveland, then to the Lysgar area where they stayed for around three years, then to San Diego. Every other holiday Gin took a plane to Seattle, where his father worked on the fifty-billionth floor of some tower in the city, and spent whatever time he had off of school with him.

Gin’s mother was always focused on work, so most days Gin was left to his own devices in an empty apartment. After he turned thirteen his mother thought he was responsible enough to be home alone after school and stopped searching for babysitters. After he hit fifteen, his mother would leave on short business trips, asking the neighbors to check in on Gin while she was gone. Over the years, what developed was an enigmatic personality that would set Gin apart from others and a cheerful, carefree smile that gradually became less and less sincere.

One New Years’ evening brought Gin to an unconscious girl with golden-orange hair waiting for death as the soft, white snow piled up around her. As one would with a stray animal, he took her from the streets (or, park, rather), cleaned up her life and inadvertently became more attached to her then he’d originally meant to. Because of his own uncertainty, Matsumoto Rangiku was left to decipher his feelings for her on her own while he contradicted himself at every turn. Fate took Gin away from the problem in the form of another move and he settled with the idea of abandoning her without any sense of closure.

Grades had never been a problem for Ichimaru Gin, seeing as he could hear something once and remembered it for years afterward. It was no surprise when he was accepted to the UCLA School of Architecture and garnered enough scholarship money to pay for seventy percent of the tuition. His father covered what ever the scholarships didn’t, thinking of it as making up for all the remedial years he missed.

During his time at UCLA, Gin was introduced to Aizen Sousuke, a student one year ahead of him, and began to follow him, in a way – joining in on his study groups, associating with him outside of school, and, in his senior year, rooming with him and one other boy in an apartment.

Through an internship he’d started his senior year at UCLA, Gin was set up with a comfy job right out of college and worked in the general LA area until the company announced a new project up north they needed a few more team members for. After checking where exactly ‘up north’ was, Gin accepted the job. Whether it was because of the spark of familiarity he’d gotten when he read the location or because he’d simple wanted a change in scenery, Gin wasn’t sure, but either way, he felt drawn to the city.

Trusting the city to arrange for a living space, Gin transferred, though the apartment that was provided wasn’t quite what he expected – Lysgar. Planning to find a new apartment complex in a better side of town once he had the time, Gin decided it would have to work until he was provided a better option.


Name: Inoue Orihime
Age: 20
LJ: currently unplayed - this former history is for reference only.
History: Orihime's parents were cheating drunks, to make a long story short. They argued almost constantly and beat their children. Orihime's older brother protected her as much as he could and basically raised her, being fifteen years older. When he turned 18 he took Orihime (who was three) and ran away to the city, got a job, and raised her alone for the next six years. It was a perfect heaven for them during that time, and Orihime looks back fondly on those times. When she was nine, though, she got into a childish argument with her brother over something she can't even remember anymore, but she was very upset about it, and at him. Later on the same day of that argument, her brother was killed in a car accident. Orihime stayed with him, but he died in the ambulance just as they got a block away from the hospital.

Orihime lived in the same apartment as she lived in with her brother after that, but times being what they are, the money to pay rent and food just got harder and harder to get. When she turned 18 she stopped getting financial support from relatives and her scholarship for the private university she was attending ran out. This caused her to move to someplace more affordable, and end up where she is now. Though life has not been kind to her, Orihime has so far been determined to not fall to despair. She has basically decided that as long as she hasn't gone into prostitution or pornography yet (both things she's had more than one comment that her body was quite suited for), she's doing fabulously.

She works full-time at a local coffee shop, usually 6am to 2pm, with Tuesdays and Sundays off (though she often works more than that, as she's known to be reliable and is usually first called to cover a shift). It's minimum wage, but at the place is infamous for the excellent health insurance provided to even part-time employees. At night she's managed to get financial aide to take night-classes at a community college, and does very well in her classes. However, any degrees are a long way off as she can rarely afford the time or money to take more than one at a time.


Name: Inuzuka Hana
Age: 26
LJ: 3dogknight
History: The Inuzuka family - more like a pack than anything else - is tight and loyal bunch of people. Hana and Kiba were raised together, playing all the time and often hanging out with each other instead of friends from school. They were taught that family was more important, since your siblings are the ones most likely to stick with you when you hit hard times.

And that certainly seems to be the case, here. At the age of twenty-six, Hana has already been through veterinary school, and works at a clinic near their house out in the country, helping to support the slew of dogs and other animals that live on their ranch home.

Over the fall Thanksgiving break, Hana noted that her younger brother seemed thinner and more tired than he'd been before he left for school. He attributed the changes to his high activity level, playing sports and attending school, though Hana found that hard to believe. After doing some investigation (discreet phone calls to his friends and roommates, mostly), she knew he'd been making excuses, and wasn't actually taking care of himself.

So! What's a good big sister to do, except to take care of her little brother? Hana began to send applications and résumés to veterinary clinics close to the university Kiba was attending, traveling to do interviews and eventually found a job that was a short drive away from the apartment building he was living in.

She's sure he'll be surprised when he gets home to find the Hana invasion has taken place in his apartment.


Name: Ishida Uryuu
Age: 20
LJ: fate_calls
History: Ishida Uryuu was always a quiet, withdrawn child, escaping into the realms of his own imagined world for hours at a time. He had many childhood illnesses that kept him isolated from others his age, so he grew to depend only on himself and his own company. When he was ten, his parents divorced, but it hardly affected him. The change in their lives didn't seep over into his life, so removed was he from their reality. He simply accepted things as they were, but it also reinforced the idea that the only person he could count on was himself. That the only person he could trust was himself.

For a time, his parents worried that he had some serious mental issues, and sent him to various doctors and therapists in search of a way to draw the boy out. Many diagnoses were made, but none ever came close to the truth. Eventually, as Uryuu grew into his teenage years, he was able to put enough of a front that people stopped asking him what was wrong. His parents, grandparents, and everyone around him figured that whatever had kept the wall between them and him had been a childish phase that he grew out of. That perhaps he was just a distant, soft-spoken person by nature and didn't need to be fixed or altered never occurred to them.

He excelled at his studies, attended a prestigious high school far away from home, and a equally honoured university even further afield. Gradually, he cut his ties with his living relatives, and was the happier for it.
Living on his own proved to be more difficult than he realized. His romantic ideal of freedom was soon shredded to pieces. Money was increasingly tight, and eventually ran out. He had to drop out of school for a year and find a job, which caused him a great deal of worry, not to mention stress. Although he had gained a temporary peace by letting go of his parents, they had equally let go of him, and had lives of their own. His mother had remarried and moved overseas. And no matter how many times Uryuu tried to get in contact with his father, he never returned his son's phone calls.
Eventually, he accepted that he must find some way to survive. With a thankless job as a bus boy in a busy restaurant, and a run-down apartment in Lysgar, he is finding his feet again, and realizing that independence isn't exactly what he thought it would be. It is difficult and harsh, and the world is cruel and unforgiving.
However true that may be, he is determined not to let it defeat him. Underneath the often-placid exterior, Uryuu is a strong person, with a fierce will and the resolve to see it through. He doesn't have a clear idea what he wants to do with his life, yet, but instead of looking so far ahead that he doesn't see the present moment, he is focusing on what is here and now, not what might happen in the future.


Name: Kankurou
Age: 21
LJ: sand_marionette
History: Kankurou did not like to recall his past. It was neither pretty nor easy. He spent scant precious time which he does not remember with his mother, who died in childbirth bringing his little brother into this world, someone who he’d probably give up if given the chance to have his mother back.

Not that he really got along with his older sister Temari any better, but at least she didn’t give him the chills. Plus, it was his job as a younger brother to pick on his older sister. Even if she usually won, it was still fun to rile her up.

His father only lasted until Kankurou was fourteen; he expired in a car accident. Kankurou would have found it worrisome that he didn’t care if he wasn’t a worrisome case altogether already. Their uncle Yashamaru took care of them for a spell, though it could hardly be called care but hey, he kept them alive. After robbing them of most their vast inheritance they were left with only enough to pay for the boy's educations, while Temari took on working to make ends meet. Being a diehard misogynist, Kankurou does part-time assistant work for one of his professors in order to not be living off of a bacon-bringing woman and because really, they direly needed the extra cash. He currently studies political science full time in university but managed to scrape theatre into his after-school activities with drama being his only elective.


Name: Kin Tsuchi
Age: 20
LJ: syncopation
History: Kin had a relatively normal childhood. She lived with her parents and two older brothers in suburbia and did the normal things that young children do. She had soccer practice, dance lessons, music lessons. Her father was an accountant, her mother a paralegal who worked part-time. Her parents' marriage started falling apart around the same time she started second grade, but she didn't notice anything at the time.

They decided to stay together 'for the children,' which turned out to be a big mistake. Her parents had their first shouting match when she was nine and her brothers 13 and 15. These fights grew more intense and more frequent as time went on. By the time Kin was 12 years old, the fights were occuring on a daily basis, with not only screaming, but throwing of breakables, slapping and hitting of each other with not only fists, but also objects such as wine bottles and so on. Kin and her brothers dealt with this differently. Her oldest brother turned to drugs. Her second brother worked to please his parents by dealing with the housework and the chores. Kin started acting out primarily to get some attention.

She started running away, first when she was 13, and then for five more times after that. Each time she was found and brought back. After the third time she ran away, her mother took her to a psychologist to get 'evaluated.' On her first session, she told the psychologist, 'fuck you.' and refused to speak. During her second session, she told blatant lies about all kinds of neglect and abuse that her parents had been doing to her and almost got them arrested. She was never taken back to the psychologist.

Kin had always been an average student. She could read, write and spell just fine, but was never brilliant. She could add and subtract and multiply and divide, but never found mathematics interesting. The one thing she excelled in was music. She started playing the violin when she was five, and had continued her violin lessons throughout the turmoil her family was going through. Music became her escape. In order to punish her, for running away, her parents stopped her music lessons. At around that time, Kin started composing her own music, but always attributed them to some obscure composer.

She dropped out of high school at fifteen and sat for her GED instead. She passed the test at sixteen with average scores, and then went to the community college where she bummed around studying random courses just to get out of the house, working at and then quitting six jobs in quick succession because she could not stand the limitations of a dress code and work hours.

Her parents divorced when she was seventeen and sold what was, to her, her childhood home. Due to her troublesome history, neither wanted anything to do with her. She was effectively homeless for about six months, where she found shelter at the homes of various friends for short stretches of time before they eventually kicked her out. She supported herself by dropping out of the community college and working as a waitress and busking on the side.

Eventually, she moved to Lysgar Street and its surroundings due to the cheap rent available and its proximity to the university, where she had decided to continue her studies. She is is a part-time student, as she doesn't have enough money to pay rent and also tuition. She was awarded a couple small grants due to her circumstances. They cover a portion of tuition and all her books.

Kin pays the rest of the outstanding tuition and rent by working at a
music store. She has been at that job for almost a year and a half, which is a record for her. This is mostly because there is no dress code, and she is allowed to fiddle around with the instruments and she gets sheet music and other music supplies for free or at a discount. The pay is barely enough to cover rent and all her other expenses, but she supplements it by giving violin lessons on the side and busking when the weather permits.

She roomed at first in an apartment building further down Lysgar. She got kicked out of for assaulting one of her roommates because he got fresh with her and tried to grope her. Since he was boinking the apartment manager on the side, it was no contest and she was kicked out.


Name: Kuchiki Byakuya
Age: 28
LJ: intoinfinity
History: Byakuya grew up in the Kuchiki family, privileged and monied with little that he could want materially. The catch, was that as the only son, he was being groomed to takeover the hugely successful family business of wheeling and dealing in real estate. Byakuya hated business, didn't want to get into it, but it was duty and responsibility, and he had been brought up with duty and responsibility in spades, so he compromised and double majored in Economics and Mathematics in college. Economics to please his father, and Mathematics for himself.

Upon graduation, he was thrown into the business, learning the ropes, learning to rub shoulders with the rich and powerful, learning how to wheel and deal with plots of land all over the country. With that position came the requirement for a wife, and his family had already found one for him, so he married Hisana, the daughter of yet another rich and monied family. He hadn't loved her when he first met her, and merely wooed her and married her because he was expected to, so it was a shock for him to realise that he truly did learn to love her when she was dying of cancer five years later.

He exhausted all his savings, and had even dipped into the family money to find some way to cure her, but nothing helped, and she passed away quietly. Byakuya was devastated. He threw himself into his work, hoping to lose himself in it, but it only emphasised how much he loathed it. Six months later, their father died, and he learnt that he had left everything to his new, sparkly wife. The only mention of Byakuya and Rukia was a tiny annuity for each.

Byakuya had always looked out for his younger sister. After the death of their mother, their father grew distant, and his never ending stream of perky young blondes were more interested in the wealth they lived in than in his children. When he married Hisana, he took Rukia in, trying to give her a taste of the family that he had had when he was younger and their mother was alive. When their father's latest wife kicked them out of their ancestral home, Byakuya upon some nudging from Rukia, moved them into the apartments at 311 Lysgar Street. He applied to get into graduate school in Mathematics, got in on a fellowship. So he quit his job and continued his studies.


Name: Kuchiki Rukia
Age: 19
LJ: dramabunny
History: Rukia Kuchiki had always been the problem child within her rich, flawless family. She never seemed to match up to her Father's ideal of how someone of her status should act, insisting on going to a regular school instead of accepting the expensive private tuition that was offered to her. She would rather stay behind in the park, getting muddy and exhausted with the other kids, than come home to sit in the uncomfortable silence of the Kuchiki household, made worse by her Stepmother's dislike of her. She was scolded into believing she would never be good enough, which resulted in her running away at one time in her early teens.

It wasn't that Rukia was happy during her time on the streets, but it confirmed to her that she felt more at home with the people she met there than with her own family. Squatting in a disused apartment, she became fiercely protective of the other young people who had found their way there due to some circumstance or other. Most of them had far worse things to run from, however. Real abuse and violence in their homes, or abject poverty. In the end, not fitting into one world or the other, she allowed herself to be found and brought home by her older Brother.

She suspects that it is probably down to her own poor behaviour that their Father left all his money to his wife. She lives with her brother now, in a run down apartment not a world away from the one she once used as a squat. She has a scholarship in theatre at the local college, but only continues with her course at Byakuya's insistence. She would rather be working to help him than always seeming to be a burden.

Rukia has a few close friends, some she has known since her childhood and some newly made, and is very devoted to them. She would always rather sacrifice herself than see any of them get hurt.


Name: Kurosaki Ichigo
Age: 20
LJ: life_in_stereo_
History: Ichigo couldn't quite lay claim to some sort of extraordinary life with extraordinary circumstances. For eighteen years he lived with his ridiculously eccentric father, a set of twin sisters, and a host of medical patients that moaned and groaned in the clinic beneath their apartment. Alright, so maybe things started out a little differently.

As a young boy, Ichigo was practically attached to his Mother's hip; a train could derail in front of his eyes but a kind word and a gentle squeeze of his mother's hand was enough to set anything right. At ten, however, a nightly stroll along the canal turned deadly--his mother, Masaki, was raped and murdered in front of his eyes. The police found him the next morning, huddled beneath an embankment and suffering from little more than a mild concussion and exposure. In what had been a terribly, Hemingway cliché night (alone, in the rain, dying), Ichigo metamorphosed from a cheerful, bright eyed boy into a scowling, quick to anger young man.

Bright, but not terribly so, Ichigo studied hard through junior high in hopes that high grades would dissuade any would-be bullies from knocking his name or his hair color. When that didn't work, he unceremoniously kicked their asses instead. Report cards in hand, most teachers turned a blind eye and found themselves staring at a newspaper article four years in the past. By high school, Ichigo realized that the hopelessly inept legal system wasn't going to find his mother's killer, and fuelled by that one, sudden epiphany (and the total and complete lack of privacy at home), his interests slanted toward criminal justice.

At eighteen, Ichigo enrolled in the state university as a CJ major, dead set on the notion that if he couldn't catch his mother's killer, he'd fuck the System hard enough that there couldn't be a next time. He ended up at Lysgar Street for much the same reasons that his friends, Tatsuki and Orihime, had--dirt fucking cheap. And in the slums dwelt the criminals.

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